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The Detailers - Saul & Kevin -

Saul Contreras, and Kevin Contreras run the business. Saul has 23 years of professional experience in the vehicle detailing business. Kevin has 10 years of experience. Saul has worked with various car wash and detailing companies. He has been in the auto detailing business since the age of 16. Both have high reputation from car dealerships and customers from all over Dutchess County. Along side with Kevin, they both came to realize that the quality and professionalism for auto detailing were not met. For many years, Saul has had the dream of one day opening up his own duto detailing shop.

Years later, Saul and Kevin decided to open a small, and local business to serve customers the optimistic vehicle detailing in the county. 

Together they came up with the name "Oaxaca Car Detailing."  Oaxaca is where Saul and Kevin were born and raised in the car detailing Business. The thought of their hometown made them come up with the business name "Oaxaca Car Detailing."

The "Father & Son Duo" bring Quality & Professionalism service to the detailing business. 

A little bit more

What We Stand For

The most important thing that we desire is customer satisfaction.  We love to know what our customers think of our work. We are in this business because we have a passion for what we do. We are not just any detailer that does a car "to just do it" and call it a day. We treat your vehicle like our very own.

We love receiving a car full of grime and making it look and feel brand new. It makes us happy seeing the reaction that customers show when they have their car freshly detailed. We want our customers to feel proud of their vehicle. Such a little thing Like parking your car outside of a grocery store, walking away, and then turning around to just admire how good it looks; like "wow." We want to share those kinds of  emotions to our customers. 

If you have a car you love, why not enjoy the environment inside your car? Something We Care about is providing a Healthy and Safe Environment for children, pets, and yourself. It is important to keep your car clean to prevent bacteria and viruses to build up. Our Shampoo product cleans, degreases, and disinfects. It kills viruses and bacteria including: Pandemic 2009 H1N1 Influenza A (Swine Flu), Influenza A2 Virus, Salmonella Choleraesuis, Escherichia coli (E.coli), Hepatitis B & C Viruses, Norwalk Virus, Staphylococcus aureus – MRSA (HA & CA) and more! Every product that we use is biodegrable which means that bacteria, and fungi are able to breakdown. 

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